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BoWRD Celebrated World Water Day

March 22/2011  World water day was celebrated 19 times at international level and 18 times at national level in Ethiopia. The day celebrated for the 7 times with various events in the region.

BoWRD announces to conduct regional level Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Inventory in the Current Year

BoWRD (PR) - The Amhara National Regional State Bureau of Water Resource Development announce its plan to conduct regional level inventory to identity the status of pure water sanitation and hygiene services in the region.

BoWRD Launch its Five Years Growth & Transformation Plan

BoWRD /PR/ - The ANRS bureau of water resource development launch its five years 2011- 2015/ growth & transformation plan & gives orientation for stakeholders & the public at large.



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ICT Support Process

Amhara National Regional State Water Resources Development Bureau

ICT Support Process

1. ICT Objectives

  • To automate  all or Part of activities in the bureau and agency
  • Use of Electronic Media in order to distribute  bureau and agency information
  • Evaluation of quality  ICT materials and Services
  • Data management, Database development and follow proper implementation
  • Help for better and fast information availability/exchange with in the Bureau and Agency
  • Building the capacity of ICT staffs
  • Cost saving up on utilizing appropriate  ICT

2. ICT support Process’s Customers

  • Water  Resources development bureau and its employee
  • Mine and Energy agency and its employee
  • Zone and Woreda\District\  Water , Mine and Energy Offices
  • Water Supply Services and their employee

3. ICT Support Process Stakeholders

  • Amhara National regional state ICT Development Agency
  • Ethiotelecom
  • Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
  • Amhara  Design and Supervision Enterprise
  • Amhara Water works Enterprise
  • NGO  and GO working at ICT development and Capacity Building at water, mine and Energy Sector
  • Private companies working at ICT development and Capacity building  in water , mine and Energy sector

4. Services Delivered

  • Technology Consulting
  • Software ,Hardware and ICT materials maintenance
  • Software installation, Customization, administration and development
  • Training and awareness creation
  • Better networking and upgrading
  • Internet service proxy, security and acceleration
  • Intranet Portal services
  • Database and Database administration
  • Web Mastering and Administration
  • System administration
  • Extension Telephone line distribution and Maintenance
  • Water , Mine and Energy Sector ICT policy and Standards

5. Requirements from Services requester

  • To be one of a member of  customer group
  • Fill Service request Format and forward in person, email, intranet or internet

6. Five Year Goals and Targets(2010/11 to 2014/15)

  • All Office employeesof water Resources Development bureau and Mine and Energy agency must use Collaboration site for Reporting, Comments, internal announcement, Discussion and Sharing.
  • 50% of printing activities in the Bureau and agency will be through Network and Duplex printer
  • Three Websites (One intranet and Two Internet) will be developed.
  • Setup Centralized Spatial Database System
  • Setup AutoCAD and AutoCAD family system Data management system
  • Setup Water Supply and Irrigation Inventory Database System
  • Two activities from Support processes will be automated.
  • 100% of the bureau , mine and Energy accomplishments  will be posted at website when passed proper channel
  • 100% of the Bureau and Agency ICT equipments and materials maintained by the Bureau Skill
  • Fast and on-demand maintenance of Systems and Database
  • Achieve 5 well & fully skilled ICT Staffs
  • Zone-Bureau or Zone-Agency reporting system will be fully interactive
  • Undertake 100% Hardware and software resources inventory.
  • Produce 5 ICT Policies to be used in BoWRD and Mine and Energy Agency.

7. Values and beliefs

  • Understand  the right of beneficiaries and donors to have on time and updated information
  • Understand and believe ICT is an instrument in order eradicate poverty from the region
  • Give value and understand the vision and Mission of Water Resource Development bureau and mine and Energy Agency.
  • Believe that the integrated, organized and on time information basic for all.

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